Radius horsebox windows

The most common used windows for horse trucks are the windows with rounded corners; the radius horsebox windows.

Our windows are manufactured with the highest quality materials, guaranteeing a reliable and leak free operation. The windows are perfectly finished with industrial powder coating which prevents discoloration by weathering and guarantees an extremely long life span.

The windows are fitted with a clamp mounting system. This system is invented and developed by TBGlazing thus being the first manufacturer to launch this system on the market.

Our aluminium profiles are designed in a way that bars can be installed.  As a result, the bars are part of the window, completely integrated within the window frame.

All our windows are fitted with easily operated locks and can be opened in various positions.


Available models:

  • Half drop, sliding and fixed windows
  • Sliding windows : available for mounting on the nearside (passenger side) and offside (drivers side).  


  • Clamp mounting system with an inner frame. Suitable for mounting in a wall of 18 to 50 mm.
  • The window frame as well as the inner frame are pre-drilled. The window frame is also tapped for M4 screws. M4 screws are not included.
  • The profile is finished with an industrial grade powder coating, colour RAL9005, and is resistant to discoloration due of weathering.


  • The half drop and fixed windows are fitted with 4 mm tempered safety glass. The sliding windows are fitted with 5 mm tempered safety glass. All our glass is E 43R and DOT approved toughened safety glass.
  • Colour: grey tinted automotive (parsol grey).
  • The edges of all sliding and half drop parts are polished for optimal performance and safety.
  • The sliding windows are mounted in an aluminium slide profile, which ensures a reliable and leak-free operation, and also is insensitive to dirt accumulation in the slide channel.


  • All sizes (width x heigth) are mounting dimensions.
  • The corners have a radius of 65 mm.
  • The flange of the window frame is set 11 mm around on the outer wall of the bodywork.
  • The transparant part of the window is 32 mm around narrower than the mounting dimension.  

For further information and available sizes please go to 'pricelist'.

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