'Blackline' bonded horsebox windows

A totally new concept, but with the reliable frame and clamping system of the existing concepts of TBGlazing : the Blackline bonded horsebox windows!

The frame of this type of window, including the sliding part - which is slightly shifted inwards - lies completely in the inner area of the vehicle. The outer pane with screen printing is only 5 mm on the wall. It provides an attractive optical effect with many design possibilities.

The Blackline bonded horsebox window comes with a clamping system, which must be mounted hand-tight on the inside of the window frame. Because of the clamping system the bonded window does not have to be fixed during installation and is quick and easy to install.

A beautiful, sleek and innovative system for luxury horse trucks. 

This window is available in a number of standard sizes. If you require different sizes or customised windows you have come to the right place. We can design and create virtually any desired window.


Available models:

  • Sliding windows : available for mounting on the nearside (passenger side) and offside (drivers side).  


  • Clamp mounting system with an inner frame. Suitable for mounting in a wall of 18 to 50 mm.
  • The window frame as well as the inner frame are pre-drilled. The window frame is also tapped for M4 screws. M4 screws are not included.
  • The profile is finished with an industrial grade powder coating, colour RAL9005, and is resistant to discoloration due of weathering.


  • The windows are fitted with 5 mm tempered safety glass. All our glass is E 43R and DOT approved toughened safety glass.
  • Colour: dark tinted automotive (privacy glass / antisol grey).
  • The edges of all the glass parts are polished for optimal performance and safety.


  • All sizes (width x heigth) are glass dimensions
  • Mounting dimensions / cut out sizes:
    • assembling on the outer pane : 100 mm smaller than the glass dimension
    • assembling on the window frame : 76 mm smaller than the glass dimension  
  • Rectangle window frame.  

For further information and available sizes please go to 'downloads'. If the desired size is not listed here, please contact us and ask for the possibilities for a customised window.


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